SPREE Webinar

Using Virtual Reality
to Enhance Laser Tag

Laser tag arenas have always proved popular attractions for location-based entertainment centers. However, the large footprint and costs associated with changing the environment often lead to a slow ROI. The SPREE VR Laser Tag Game Pack utilizes modern VR technology to magically create virtual environments which can be changed with the touch of a button!

August 4

10:00 – 10:30am CET  |  12:00 – 12:30pm GST
  6:00 –   6:30pm CET  |  12:00 – 12:30pm EST

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VR Laser Tag Pack

 The bank vault is full of bitcoins and it’s looking very tempting! Team up with your friends and choose to join the robot robbers or try to stop them in this highly entertaining VR Laser Tag adventure. Ideal for ages 10 and above CvR contains 5 different environment maps, team game mode, and the popular player vs player free for all game mode

 Tower Tag is a hyper-dynamic futuristic paintball-like PVP shooter with a grappling hook locomotion method that becomes second nature instantly.Game duration can be adjusted by the operator however a 5 minute game cycle has been proven to give the best guest experience and throughput. This equals a maximum player capacity of 72 players per hour with the 6player SPREE Arena and 120 players per hour with the 10player SPREE Arena

Premium action-filled and multiplayer games including CVR, and the globally renowned best selling eSport title, Tower Tag.

Complete free-roam movement with sensor fusion technology for a full immersive and active experience.

High-replay value with VR-eSport competitions and events, plus realtime leaderboards to track players and score.

Suitable for ages 10+ and includes easy-to-use handgun controllers for optimal player experience.

View a live gameplay
of Cops Vs. Robbers


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The SPREE Arena

Built upon our proprietary patented sensor fusion technology, the SPREE Arena transforms venues into a free-roam and multiplayer entertainment space allowing up to 6 or 10 players to indulge in family-friendly, educational, and eSport games that are sure to draw return visits. 





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