Graf Bentzel

SPREE’s product platform has enabled the world’s first VRbumper cars with VRCoaster,which is now one of our anchor attractions. Guests are just blown away by this new experience and we see an increase in overall park admission!

Susan Göllner

Virtual worlds and digital games have become an integral part of most children’s spaces and many adults have also discovered their enthusiasm for them. In the SPREE Arena it is not only possible to dive into the virtual worlds together and across generations and to play together as a family, SPREE Arena also gives visitors … Weiterlesen …

Lars Sammann

„Mission to Mars is a great anchor attraction in our shopping mall for both current shoppers and above all new shoppers! Around 80% of the attraction visitors are new to our mall and rated the attraction amazingly high — 4.5 out of 5 stars.”

Scott Hussey

We love the SPREE system as it allows for 10+ players to play the games together in a free-movement virtual reality environment. We see that as a huge upside on the number of guests who can enjoy a VR experience during their visit to our park as compared to other systems on the market.

Harald Schäfer

SPREE is an incredible user magnet for us. Birthday party groups love to stay together in the casual VR games. Kids age 6+ are having fun and our operators enjoy the ease of the attraction!